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Part Number and Description

C817 - Sprocket 6 Tooth

C818 - Sprocket 8 Tooth

SD68L - Pulley Yoke Lift For Models TP-3A & TP-6A Side Dresser

SD79 - Shaker Pan

TP32 - Bushing

TP33 - Pull Yoke Bearing

TP34 - Bushing

TP503 - Disc Bearing (Before 1963)

TP504 - Spacer

TP513 - Disc Bearing (1963-and after)

TP514 - Spacer

TP515 - Bushing

TP516 - Spacer

TP525 - Seed Plate - 10 Cell Corn - Medium Flat Seed Plate

TP531 - Seed Plate - 16 Cell Sorghum Seed Plate

TP60A - Bracket

TP60B - Spacer

TP60C - Bolt

TP65 - Bolt 1/4 X 12 1/2 CRG W/Nut



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